Kong Kosh

[Summer Remix] Featuring Altee Available Now On All Digital Platforms“

Friday, Oakland California, July 1, 2022, King Kosh, a Caribbean star born into a musical family in Corozal, Belize releases a new single that’s available on all platforms. The music video features the artist Altee with a Caribbean/Afrobeat song with an astonishing island theme within the music video. In the video King Kosh and not only music artist but cousin to King Kosh, Altee takes a liking to admire the same beautiful woman as they use creole lyrics to win her over. With a similar storyline to Michael Jackson’s and Paul Mccartney’s song “The Girl Is Mine” with a Caribbean twist. With thoroughly thought-through lyrics the song expresses extreme admiration of two men overtaken by the beauty of a woman which leads to expressing their inner thoughts to her openly. Promising the answer to those unable to express their feelings, “Prize” is the answer to serenading the girl you’re eyeing, just press play. King Kosh became famous for his verse on the track, “Dark Core” with his SYRK members and 3X Krazy, where he mixed his rap lyrics with a reggae chant. Be sure to look for the single “Prize” on a social music platform near you.

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Having been born into a musical family in Corozal, Belize, King Kosh was introduced to his life-long crush, Hip Hop, when his father brought him from Central America to the Bronx where he discovered the new art form. King Kosh later swapped for the West Coast to live with his mother in Oakland, CA where he grew up.

The greats in Hip Hop; Eric B. and Rakim, EPMD, Boogie Down Productions (BDP); The Bay Area’s own The Coup, Too Short, E-40, Askari X and the infamous West-Coast classic rap group NWA made King Kosh want to learn how to perfect his rhyming skills in this new genre called Hip Hop, that he encountered on his arrival to the mainland.

King Kosh has turned many heads with his talent as a lyricist over the years and has been a member of numerous groups such as Syrkal of Souls, who appeared on a well known rap compilation, titled, “Pimps, Playa’s & Hustlas”. This project went gold and was released by Loc-N-Load Records in 1997. King Kosh became famous for his verse on the track, “Dark Core” with his SYRK members and 3X Krazy, where he mixed his rap lyrics with a reggae chant. Another group he was a part of was, 5StarGeez who released “The California Gold Rush” (Mixtape) released March 20th 2009 and “365 Grind Ave” released April 27, 2020 in dedication of Base’Rox, one of the founding members who passed away.

He also released two solo mixtapes in the early 2000’s titled, “Bring The Yellow Tape” featuring M1 of Dead Prez and “G-5 Power Raps” which featured Wise Intelligent of Poor Righteous Teachers. He recently appeared on The Far Side formerly of The Pharcyde new album Imanifatlipslimkid3, produced and released by Spear of the Nation. The track is titled, “Vortex”. Along the on his music journey, King Kosh has opened up for headlining
acts such as reggae legend Nicodemus, Wu-Tang Clan, The Fugees, Brand Nubian, KRS1, Wise Intelligent of Poor Righteous Teachers, Black Moon, Dj Quick, Tha Dogg Pound, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Lil Kim and many more.

Rhyming over beats and chanting to Caribbean riddims is not his only calling, King Kosh owns his own fashion company, TreeMoon Apparel, which is a cannabis-influenced clothing brand. He was interviewed about his clothing brand by JR Minister of Information in the San Francisco Bay View. King Kosh also owns Gemstone Official Media Group, which is a multi-media music company, specializing in recording music and video production.

For over two decades, King Kosh, the man of many hats, has taught school-age youth in East Oakland about the history of Hip Hop, its culture and how it conducts business. His classes entail step-by-step lessons on digital recording, editing, copyrighting your material, publishing, branding, marketing and more.

“I just wanted to give them the tools they needed to make their dreams a reality!” King Kosh shares his passion to keep Hip Hop culture and the independent entertainment industry alive. Recently, King Kosh has been getting comfortable with making appearances on the big screen where he has played a leading role in the award winning film “My Father Belize,” directed by Leon Lozano and co-written by Ron Sierra. The film premiered at Belize Film Festival (Trailer), which Channel 5 Belize covered in the local news.

“My Father Belize” coincidently won “Short Film” and “Audience Choice” awards at the Oakland International Film Festival in CA (2019). The film is now available on Amazon Prime Video. The film is an inspirational island story about self-discovery, hope, family and love.